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Herbal Smoking Blend With Reusable Case (Blunts & Roses)

Jupiter’s Moon Herbal Smoking Blend are 100% tobacco free. With a dry mixture consisting of natural herbs and flowers. For decades, herbal cigarettes have been sold…

Blunts & Roses herbal smokes

Blunts & Roses Herbal Smokes is your go-to solution for enhancing focus and promoting clear thinking. Packed in a convenient 2 oz package, this meticulously crafted…

Lavender Joint herbal smokes

Introduce tranquility and serenity into your routine with our Lavender Joint herbal smokes, meticulously crafted to promote restful sleep and relaxation with a touch of calm…

Maryjane’s Florals herbal smokes

2 oz Discover the botanical essence of creativity and clarity with Maryjane’s Florals Herbal Smokes, a unique blend crafted to inspire positive intentions and unleash your creative…